Internal Medicine

Our physicians will help you find the right medicinal treatment for  medical problems in adults.

What is a Doctor of Internal Medicine?

Doctors of Internal Medicine, or internists, are primary care physicians who prevent, diagnose and treat medical problems for all adults. Internists focus their expertise on adult medicine and are not “family doctors” who see both children and adults. Internal medicine is a broad subject that requires a great deal of scientific knowledge and expertise in solving complex medical problems. Internists are comfortable dealing with all problems large or small. We take pride in caring for patients for life.

A Personalized approad to Medical Care

Internists specialize in treating a wide range of medical issues, which enables them to treat their patients unique health problems. Whether you have multiple illnesses, a challenging diagnosis, a need for long-term care, or anything else in between, our internists will be able to meet your personal needs.

Services Our Internists Provide

  • Accurate Diagnosis

    Internists have a broad range of medical knowledge, which allows them to accurately diagnose both simple and complex medical conditions.

  • Counselling for Better Health

  • Expertise on Systems in the Body

  • Treatment of Various Medical Problems

Our Internists offer Preventative Care

Preventative care includes services such as screenings, check-ups, and counseling for medical problems. It is important to engage in consistent preventative care so you can catch problems early, before they become a big issue.

Dial 911 in case of a medical emergency